Start from scratch


“Jeff Webster, however, was absolutely brilliant!!!! He stole the show and had the
audience hanging on his every word
and movement.”
      L.K., Actress, Audience Member
      Letter to the Sacramento Bee regarding
      “The Timekeeper”

“A line like ‘I didn’t think it was possible for two eyes to cry so many tears’ can stop a play dead if not delivered well. Thankfully Jeff Webster, as Bill Livingston, father
of 20-year-old Adam Livingston, who died on PanAm Flight 103 on Dec. 21, 1988, speaks of his wife’s grief in just the right voice, heavy with his own grief.”

      Jim Carnes
     The Sacramento Bee

"I saw you in your first play, and you blew me away. You're a great actor, Jeff."
      Jeanmarie Simpson
      Equity Actress
      Writer and Producer

"Jeffrey is an actor who gives a stage director what he/she wants."
      Ray Tater
      Owner, Producing Director
      California Stage

"You did such a great job... You're a natural."
      John Brozo.
      Film Director

“But what makes The Women of Lockerbie memorable is the fine performances from actors dealing with delicate material, most notably Georgann Wallace and
Jeff Webster as parents grieving in such different ways…”
      Patti Roberts
      Sacramento News & Review

"I instantly thought of you for a role [in our next film]. [We] were bummed you moved away."
      Tim McConville
      Sacramento Filmmaker

"One of my favorite actors is who? Jeff Webster. I still remember your exceptional performance in Dinners with Augie."

      Randy Taylor

      Actor, Audience Member